Åsa Bergholtz

Åsa Bergholtz

Stockholm County, Sweden

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Nutritional advice

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Clinical dietitian and supervising dietitian in elderly care Share

Individual dietary advices for people who needs to change their food consumption and foodhabits to get a better health. General dietary advices to different groups such as obese, underweight, diabetes or just to people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle. Lectures and advices regarding "food for elderly" for health proffessionals in elderly care.

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Åsa Bergholtz's Work Experience

Furuhojden Reaktivering AB

Clinical dietitian (Present)

Dietary advice to patients after surgery, with cancer and neurological diagnosis.


Dietitian and private entrepreneur (May 2009 - Present)

In community and their elderly care.
Advices and education to healthcare professionals in private companies.
Working with private education companies as KUI and Sensus.
Engaged by Stockholms sjukhem.


Clinical dietitian

Primary care in Danderyd mainly.

Åsa Bergholtz's Education

University of Uppsala

Bachelor (January 2005 - September 2008)

Dietitian, full time studies.


Economy programme


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    • meal delight
    • elderly care
    • malnutrition